9:00-11:00 a.m.

As a part of the drill, we will be interacting with fire and ambulance crews and their equipment.

This is a deployment exercise.  You will receive an E-Sponder notification alert at 8:30 a.m. on June 21st advising you of the Staging area location.  Monitor your phones, e-mail and text for the alert.  Please respond to the Staging area as requested, with your CERT helmet & vest.  We will have an emergency with several scenarios.  Questions contact:



New Goal for CERT – Trailer!

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Your CERT Team Leaders have established a goal of obtaining a new trailer to greatly enhance our mobility and service in an emergency.


We will be formulating a detailed proposal to approach service clubs, insurance companies and other donors. The picture above shows the general concept. Our total funding goal for the trailer and all equipment should be approximately $10,000. The trailer will be equipped similarly to our CERT containers throughout the community.


The next CERT class starts Saturday September 13, with another session Saturday the 20th, and Sunday the 21st.  The times for the class in September are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each of the three days.

Please use the form here to request information about training opportunities, and to reserve a space.

Or, send an e-mail to montereycert@hotmail.com, or call 831 646-3416.


A Boston tragedy serves as a CERT reminder:

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All CERT Team Members:  (This message is being sent to everyone who has registered for a CERT class since January 2010)

We have all been shocked by the tragic events that occurred at the Boston Marathon.  This despicable act of terrorism sadly reminds us that we must all be vigilant in doing our part to spot possible attacks.  Please review Unit 8 in the CERT Student Manual, available online at:

Scroll down to the Section that says:  “Resource Record Details”  Below this you will find “Community Emergency Response Team Basic Training Participant Manual”.    Click on “View/Download/Print”.   Open Unit 8 to access the section on Terrorism.

Remember!  We must all be viligant.  Whenever you are in public, watch for the following:

While bombs and explosions have obvious immediate effects, biological or chemical attacks may not be as immediately noticeable.  Indicators that a biological or chemical attack has occurred or is underway could include:
§  Vapor clouds or mists that are unusual for the area or for the time of day.  Although many biological and chemical agents cannot be seen with the naked eye, the substances in which they are suspended when dispersed may be visible for a period of time after an attack.

§  Unscheduled spraying or abandoned spray devices.  Several September 11, 2001,  terrorists are known to have made inquiries into purchasing and learning to fly crop duster airplanes.  Many other types of agricultural sprayers can be used to disperse biological and (more likely) chemical agents.

§  Materials or equipment that are unusual for the area. Dispersal devices, lab equipment, or quantities of hazardous materials that are not typically located in the area may indicate that a terrorist attack is occurring or is about to occur.

§  Unusual odors or tastes

§  Out of place and unattended packages, boxes, or vehicles.  Items that are out of place and unattended could signal a possible terrorist attack. This could include chemical or biological agents as well as explosives.

§  Packages that are leaking may be harmless, but they may also signal a terrorist incident.  The terrorists who released sarin in the Tokyo subway system (Aum Shinrikyo) merely poked holes in bags containing sarin, then left the area as the poison leaked out.

If you observe any of these indicators of a terrorist incident, you should:

§  Not touch it!

§  Move away from the object or area

§  Report it to authorities immediately

Remember:  Cellular phones and two-way radios create static electricity and may detonate explosive devices.  CERT members should always report suspected explosive devices via landline.

Demetrius A. Kastros
City of Monterey CERT Instructor
(831) 224-0167

Friday, May 17
10 am to 4 pm
Report to the Airport’s Fire Station.
They’ll apply makeup and we’ll act the part as they do triage, emergency medical treatment,
and transport by bus to local hospitals where admissions and treatment will be done.
Please let me know so I can give them a head count.  They need 50.
Friends and family welcome.
Thanks, all.
Sharon Dwight

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